3D Textured Concrete Slatwalls Add Dimension & Style to the Garages & Retail Stores

Slatwalls feature the horizontal arrangement of polished wooden shelves along with the accommodation of accessories like hooks and colorful fiberboards. Through them, garages and bigger spaces like the commercial retail stores get a makeover. It is stunning and praised a lot by those who love variety & versatility in colors and designs.  

Musicians and sports lovers rely on hanging guitars, shoes, and other sports equipment on shelves. That’s why, they prefer checking the details about the building material’s usage and cost while the Slatwall fixtures and panels are installed. This blog discusses how the Slatwall designs practically improve the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of these living spaces at no compromises on the presentation of items and product placed on the shelves.

Melamine Finishes at Low-Pressure Lamination

Freestanding counterparts of the Slatwall panels are worth browsing and installing. It is because they are made of a high-durable and elastic material called Melamine.

Talking about its size variability, it is available to buy and shop as:


  • 4 inches (broad) * 2 inches (in height).
  • 4 inches (broad) * 8 inches (high).

For the limited column and strip spaces of the retail store, the material is great and is scratch and corrosion-resistant. Over time, utilizing every corner of the store’s space is done smartly by the licensed Slatwall professional. Rigid casters are most likely to add value to the acrylic and customized panel displays. Once laminated at low pressure, the finish of both the panels’ sides enhances and lasts longer. Hooking the MDF cardboards can be a new addition to the Slatwall family. The timely fixing of the minor and major panel damages won’t be costlier then.

Reusable Grooves of Standard Sizes

Grooves functionalizes the storage aspect of the garages and the retail stores. It is a fact that the single-unit garages are crowded and therefore, the placement of the sports and music accessories has to be fixed. If the grooves aren’t usable, the per square feet slat wall’s area may lose its accent and appeal.

Check out a few standard groove sizes segmented based on custom-made material fittings:

  • 5-inch OC long grooves with aluminum inserted for high loading capacity.
  • 3-inches OC grooves with 32 holes pre-drilled typically.
  • 6-inches OC grooves with multiple screws that have trimmed and flat heads.

Slatwall panel installers are quick to notify about the defective grooves in the nearest wall repair center. For the inside and outside groove corners, they choose aluminum over wood. All this levels up the retail stores and garage’s design layout with no frills. 

Insertion of the acrylic wires fasten the panel installation and that too according to the guidelines. So, go ahead with the grooving and paneling choices that suit the space’s personality, and style, and add a newer dimension to the looks. Handling weight between 30 to 75 lbs won’t be challenging thereafter.

Customers who visit the environments of such spaces will for sure find a difference in real time. Prior to panel installation, the series of grooves has to be cleaned thoroughly. And yes - it is important to check whether chipping is minimized. The sooner it is done, the better it will be for the garage and retail store owner.

Updating the older Slatwall displays is no longer pathetic and frustrating. Rather, retailers worldwide are interested the using the toolbox that upgrades the display’s appeal. All this facilitates a tremendous yet unforgettable shopping experience in all the seasons of the year. To know more about the shoppable and stylish reclaimed woods, their dimensions, and measurement details, visit Dimensional Impact’s official web portal.