Top Three Slatwall Accessories for the Compact 3-Storey Garage

Lavish wooden penthouses, condominiums, and other types of residential properties have three-story garages. The purpose is to ensure that the hanging of bikes and hooking of bicycles is safer for the customers who visit there. Still thinking whether the Slatwall accessories add value in revamping the garage’s style, decor, and aesthetic appeal!!

Let’s know more about the top three easy-to-detach and attach accessories. All of them facilitate better placement of the ladders, bins, sports equipment, and other travel utilities. 

Bikes & Bicycle Hooks

Metallic sheds covering the three-story garage are always there to protect the rustic charm of the two-wheeler’ bodies - bikes and bicycles. Storms, fire attacks, and daily life mishaps may disturb the peace of mind of the family members who love riding the two-wheelers. 

Most of them are hung adjacent to the stylish Slatwall painted with lush green color. Optimizing the tons of garage space is as easy as putting a peddle on a sub-terrain.

Here, it is important to record the bikes’ and bicycles’ weights before any of them are to be hooked. It is helpful at times when getting rid of those hooks that misbalance the bikes’ loading and unloading is a priority. No need to worry about the ugly black streaks that come into existence when the tire’s surface is rubbed against the wall built of concrete & highly elastic material.   

Plastic bins For Storing Hand Saws & Adjustable Wrenches

Bins made of stainless steel and plastic hold well the items valuable for repairing modern-day bike screws and bicycle countertops. Simply attaching the bins of multiple colors & textures against the Slatwall proves that working with sharper garage tools is better. 

Racks and shelves attached to the wall with proximity can hold the sprinklers, snow shovels, bins, and many more items in a clean and tidy manner.

A few of them are:

  • Hand saws
  • Adjustable and super-soft wrenches


Screw fittings can be planned once the ceiling measurements are taken. Just like the wire baskets, bins (made of steel, aluminum, and plastic) can accommodate the storage of wrenches, canisters, and water bottles, and that too without any hotchpotch. 

Additionally, the risk of the insertion of sharper objects is minimized once the drilling is completed. Don’t feel hesitant when closing the garage doors painted with rustic red to preserve the walls & ceiling’s appearance is essential in the afternoon. Go ahead with transforming the functional elegance of the three-story garage.

After all, there will be no compromises on racks’ and shelves’ material durability.     

Thoroughly-sterilized wire baskets 

Children and beloved pets can’t reach the wire baskets even if they jump upward with full force. From holding the straps of heavy-duty golf bags to storing liquid weed killers, steel cans, and plastic water bottles - all are easy to perform in the evening or afternoon.

As a Slatwall maintenance lover, organizing an endless list of such items altogether in a single place is never boring. Never fall in the category of those who entertain not-so-clean garage options in real time.

Instead, learn to implement the art of hooking and unhooking the sports items inside these thoroughly sterilized baskets. It adds value to the initial design of the three-story garage’s layout where the choice of materials is specific to the homeowner’s expectations. Getting free quotes on the Slatwall repair jobs won’t be a waste of time and money.

Pre-fabrication of the garage’s modular structure gains momentum if the materials are heat, dirt, and fire-resistant. Simply relax when all this is planned. To gain more information about the three-dimensional Slatwall catalog price estimates, visit Dimensional Impact’s official website.