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Beautiful Decorative Wall Panels That Tie Any Space Together


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The Little Things That Make You Unique

Dimensional Impact is the exclusive manufacturer of 3D Textured Slatwall and 3D Textured Decorative Wall Panels. All products are produced and shipped from our factory in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We welcome all retail chains, architects, designers, contractors and businesses as you explore how our products assist you in creating an ambiance that truly resonates with customers while highlighting merchandise in a most unique and natural way. Don’t miss all that we have to offer - from Subway Tile to Brick, Reclaimed Woods to Tire Tread.

For questions or to receive pricing, free estimates, free samples, or to place orders - do not hesitate to contact any of our preferred dealers or reach out to our team directly at Sales@Dimensionalimpact.com or by calling 720.443.1055. We look forward to assisting you!