Bringing Dimension To Your Brand

No matter what your brand needs to communicate, our 3D Textured Slatwall (SlatTex), Decorative Wall Panels (WalTex), and Ship Lap (ShipTex) will bring your walls to life and provide just the right message.

Your brand deserves more than white paint, foam, plastic decor, or printed laminates that look good until they begin to chip or peel.

Dimensional Impact 3D Slatwall is designed with your brand in mind. We literally engrave your decorative design into high density board and then our skilled artisans artistically create the emotion your brand seeks to resonate - handcrafting each solid core panel with depth of color and texture.

We HELP YOU Create The Perfect Ambiance

  • Slatwall - the way it was “meant to be”:

    • Uniquely Natural with Real Texture

    • Near Invisible “slatwall grooves”

    • No unnatural 4’ vertical seams

    • Functional and Strong

  • WalTex Decorative Wall Panels

    • Same styles/colors as our slatwall

    • Decorative (No Slats/Grooves)

  • Ship Tex - Textured Ship Lap

    • Great for Home, Office & Retail

    • Super Lightweight - Easy Install

    • Real Textured Surfaces

  • Accessories, Shelving and Fixtures

    • Pipe Faceouts, Waterfalls

    • Magic “Floating” Display Shelves

    • Pipe Hangers with/without Shelves

    • Pipe and Panel Floor Fixtures